personal training studio

Personal training studio in Kensington, London

Prevail was borne out of a vision to create a bespoke, modern studio designed solely for personal trainers and their clients to thrive in.

We offer modern facilities for private one-to-one and group training in a new and purpose built personal training studio in Kensington, London.

With state of the art equipment and experienced personal trainers we can help you reach your goal, whatever this may be.

We are located off Kensington High Street, minutes away from Kensington Olympia, London.



1. prove more powerful or superior.
“you will/can prevail”
synonyms: win, win out, win through, triumph, be victorious, be the victor, gain the victory, carry the day, carry all before one, finish first, come out ahead, come out on top, succeed, prove superior, conquer, overcome, gain/achieve mastery, gain ascendancy.