Graham Fairley

Personal training


Personal Trainer, Kensington, London

Based in Kensington, London, I am a personal trainer here to provide you with the tools to get you to your goals as fast as possible.

In my 25 year tenure I have had the privilege of training people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Some of which include: rugby players, netball players, wheelchair athletes, pre and post natal Mums, sports teams, pre-contest bodybuilders, figure athletes and Bride’s to be! I help people that are trying to change their lives by losing weight and being healthier. The list is endless.


At different times of your life you have different needs. The clients I train come from all different life stages.

Maybe you’ve just come out of a relationship and need to reboot your spirit and get your confidence back. (I’m good at that one!)

Or you’ve just had a significant birthday (50? 60? Or more!) and need a trainer who knows that a more senior body needs some special TLC.

Perhaps you’re having a baby in a few months – or you’ve already given birth and want not just to get your figure back but get a figure that’s even better than it’s ever been!

Let’s face it, workouts love company. Training with others can be fun. If so, our small group training options may be for you.

Poor posture, annoying aches and pains? Our corrective exercise and mobility session is for you.

I’m here, ready to listen and start you on the road to a happy body and a happy you.

Weight Loss

Weight loss may be your goal, but really you have to look at yourself holistically from the point of weight, nutrition and your overall well-being.

Whatever your goals – be it fat loss, muscle gain, sports specific training – nutrition is paramount to achieving your success.

The majority of people I see are focused on fat loss. I believe that we need to go back to basics with respect to our food choices. These foods include fresh meats (preferably grass-fed or free-range organic beef, pork, lamb, poultry, and game meat, if you can get it), fish, seafood, fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and healthy oils and fats (olive, coconut, avocado, macadamia, walnut and flaxseed).

Throughout your weight loss we can (if required) chart your progress from food diaries to measurements. Your end goal and happiness is what we are striving for. With the tools I provide and your change of lifestyle combined with my focused exercise programs we are well on our way already to a leaner, happier and healthier you.


Graham is simply one of the best personal trainers in the UK today.

He manages to combine laid-back antipodean informality with a serious understanding of how to help individuals achieve their personal fitness goals. You quickly learn from Graham that being fit is much more than working the treadmill and pumping iron. He teaches it is also about diet and a healthy lifestyle in an industry awash with new ideas and innovation.

John Cookson : Journalist and broadcaster

I had set myself a challenge to lose over 25kg and get fit so I could take part in a sailing world championship. Graham helped not only in getting my fitness regime correct to burn calories and improve fitness and flexibility – but also help in nutrition and stretching to ensure an injury free and rapid progress towards my goals. After 6 months target achieved, Graham kept me incentivised and on-track throughout, I am continuing my training with him looking to improve overall fitness for skiing this winter and core strength.

I would recommend him to anyone; from the very unfit for a change of life, to the very fit who want to maintain or improve at a higher level.

Nick Stagg

I began working out with Graham 6 weeks after giving birth to my 2nd child. He created a workout strategy that helped me return to my pre-pregnancy fitness level quickly, while he encouraged me to eat in a way that allowed me to care for my baby and get my body back!

A year later Graham trained me through my 3rd pregnancy and we worked out twice a week up to the day before the delivery! Each workout is different so my body was constantly challenged and I didn’t get bored. He helped me work through injuries as well.

Katharine Roth

18 months ago a top London physio warned me that unless I strengthened the muscles around my knee I’d be heading for surgery. Graham’s main attribute, besides obviously knowing what he is talking about, are patience, consideration and good humour.

The knee pain and tightness of tendons that had bothered me for a couple of years were gone within weeks of him starting me on a relaxed course of training. I feel stronger, and importantly, the symptoms have not returned during the weeks and months in which I’m away and do very little.

Ross Cramer